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Below Farm Recognised in UAE Circular Economy Report

💡During COP28, the UAE launched its landmark Waste to Zero Initiative—a global endeavor establishing a circular economy platform. This initiative is spearheaded by the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment and Tadweer Group (Abu Dhabi Waste Management Company). 

♻ At Below Farm, circularity is ingrained in our DNA. In 2019, while still at the drawing board, our founders committed to creating a company that was inherently distinct. A company where, by design, waste is transformed into a resource. A place where we assist other local businesses in closing their loops. We strive to demonstrate that nutritious foods can be produced sustainably in desert environments. 

🙏 Thank you for recognizing our pioneering efforts and featuring Below Farm in the recently published UAE Circular Economy Landscape Report. You can find us on page 42! 🍄

UAE Circular Economy Landscape Report_2023
Download PDF • 11.71MB


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