Locally Produced

No Added Pesticides

Bursting with Flavor

Our specialty mushrooms are freshest on shelf & bursting with flavor. From the everyday staples that you expect to see every day, to the exotic delicacies rarely found so fresh in the UAE, our farm in Abu Dhabi will bring you the finest quality, locally produced gourmet mushrooms. 

Our Range

...with more to come soon!

Below Farm is the first in the region to produce Lion's Mane locally, and we are working hard to bring more novel varieties to market as soon as possible.


Why Specialty Mushrooms?

An easy-to-use everyday delight, that are great to elevate any dish & transcend all cuisines

Offer immense health benefits, they help fight cancers, infections & improve mental health

Contain complete amino acids, unlike vegetables, so they are great protein alternative

Bursting with flavor, a meaty texture and umami taste makes them versatile & exciting

Complete the circle of life as nature’s decomposers, making them great for the environment

Looking for Mushrooms?

Do get in touch if you would like to find out more about our mushrooms, or perhaps source some premium specialty mushrooms directly from our farm.

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