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Who Are We?

A UAE based AgriTech company. 


Growing premium specialty
mushrooms in the desert.


Sustainably, circularly and mindfully. 


Using highly controlled environments
& vertical farming techniques.

At Below Farm...

...everyday is a celebration of the infinite possibilities that mushrooms can offer.

...we grow locally, so  we are able to supply fresh and flavorful mushrooms quicker than our competitors.

...we harness the power of mushrooms as nature's decomposers to grow in a circular manner.

...we do good business, ensuring every decision is made with planet and people in mind.

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Why Mushrooms?


It all started a few years back when two of our cofounders, were at a wedding in their home country of Poland.


At the wedding, there were stunning flower arrangements on the tables... made from mushrooms.

A seed (or perhaps a spore!) was planted. 

Meet the Leadership Team
Bronte Weir

Bronte Weir

Chief Operations Officer

A chemist with an eye for creativity, Bronte leads the Product Development, Design, Branding and Marketing efforts, alongside the day to day commercial operations.

Liliana Slowinska

Liliana Slowinska

Chief Development Officer

An avid networker & a lifelong learner, at Below Farm, Liliana leads Commercial & Business Development, Funding & Partnerships Strategy.

Wojciech Slowinski

Wojciech Slowinski

Chief Technical Officer

Wojciech oversees the farm operations, including mushroom growth & technical oversight of the highly controlled environment required to grow mushrooms in the desert.

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