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The Reboot: The role of mycelium in the future of materials

At Below Farm, our aim is to established the UAE as a centre of excellence for mushroom cultivation and mycelium technologies. In the fungi world, mushrooms are just the fruit, our team of mycologists have done a lot of work to establish the processes, technologies and techniques required to grow mushrooms in the desert. But below the mushrooms, there is a vast root network known as the Mycelium, which has a huge range of potential use cases, from packaging materials, to construction materials - all sustainable, compostable alternatives.

As the region's mushroom & mycelium experts, we were invited to join Sonul Rupani on her Dubai Eye 103.8 show The Reboot, to discuss the role of mushrooms and mycelium in the future of materials.

Listen to the full show below or by clicking here (starts at 19m26s).


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