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Mushrooms: A Valuable Tool in the Circular Economy

The UAE’s commitment to Food Security, Circular Economy and Sustainable Agricultural practices make it the perfect home for our start up as we grow in the UAE and beyond.

Below Farm uses controlled environment agricultural, vertical farming methods, and waste-to-resource approaches to grow premium specialty mushroom in the desert, sustainably, circularly and mindfully.

Mushrooms are a valuable tool in the circular economy. Science is on a trajectory where the chemistry will be replaced by biology, and fungi are nature’s decomposers – they are circular by their character. The UAE currently discards a large quantity of agricultural waste. Our farm, in the heart of the Ajban Farms district, enables us to harness waste materials from local farms, becoming a resource for our mushrooms, converting low quality waste streams into high quality foods and fertile compost.

In January, the UAE approved 22 policies aimed at accelerating the country's transition to a circular economy. We’re excited to be part of that push towards sustainable economic development.


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