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Mushroom Cooking Tips from the Mushroom Experts

At Below Farm, we live, eat, breath mushrooms. From morning till night, when we’re not growing, caring for or picking the freshest specialty mushrooms you can get in the UAE, we’re cooking them!
Cooking mushrooms oyster king oyster shiitake

Lion’s Mane coffee to nourish our brain into gear; Pink Oyster on Toast as sustenance for the day; BBQ Pulled King Oyster Nachos when we need a pick me up.

Our farm in Abu Dhabi is bursting with mushrooms, so we’ve tried and tested many, and perfected the best ways to cook them. We thought we'd share our top tips for making your mushrooms shine in all their glory.

Let Your Mushrooms Breathe

Refrigerate mushrooms in an unsealed container. If you store them in a sealed container, they’ll end up going slimy.

Don’t Wash With Water

Wet mushrooms steam when they cook, which impacts the texture. Use paper towel instead.

Use Your Hands: Tear Don't Chop

Mushrooms are delicate organisms, they can be easily torn with your hands instead of chopping.

Use a Heavy, Pre-Heated Pan.

A high heat enables the Maillard browning reaction to add to the flavour. Try not to stir too often!

Everything Tastes Better with Butter.

Mushrooms are absorbers of fat and flavour - use those little sponges to your advantage!

We deliver mushrooms to Dubai, Abu Dhabi and other Emirates across the UAE. You can order directly from our website.

Cooked up something delicious? Tag us on Instagram! @belowfarm


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