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Year Round Mushrooms in the Desert

Below Farm's fully automated controlled environment systems, allow us to grow mushrooms in the desert, all year round. 

The indoor vertical farming technique, has a seven level stacked grow structure requires minimal space and can be set up anywhere - no need for arable land. 

Controlled Environment_Temperature.png


Controlled Environment_Water.png


Controlled Environment_Light.png


Controlled Environment_Gas.png

Gas Exchange

Our end to end data monitoring system uses machine learning algorithms to optimize the perfect growth conditions for each variety of specialty mushrooms, so they grow in prime conditions for the best flavor & quality.  

Controlled Environment Vertical Farm

Our state of the art technology is optimised for arid environments.

Harness the Power of Mushrooms as Nature's Decomposers
Mushroom Lifecycle-03.png

Mushrooms are nature's decomposers - their purpose is to breakdown waste materials and turn it into nutrients, completing the circle of life. 

Below Farm harnesses this nature to convert materials that would otherwise be wasted, into high quality food and fertile compost.

A true waste-to-resource model. 

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